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 Rule questions

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PostSubject: Rule questions   Sat Aug 27, 2011 10:04 am

I'm wondering what you guys think about this rule.

Slaughterer's Call "Any unit accompanied by a frenzied Doombull or Gorebull is also subject to Frenzy."

Minotaur's Bloodgreed, "If already frenzied, then each time it is on the winning side of a round of close combat, the model gains an additional attack. These bonus attacks are lost if the model loses its frenzy."

Berserker Sword "A model wielding this weapon gains frenzy, and cannot lose it's frenzy"

Now... Slaughterer's call says that if the gorebull is frenzied it's unit is frenzied, therefore the unit always has frenzy, and can't lose it, since the character will always have it. This is where it gets angry... Now since the unit doesn't lose it's frenzy, do I keep the extra attacks from Bloodgreed even if I lose combat and "would" have lost frenzy? I don't think so, but I play with you guys so, I wanted your opinion before I pulled a fast one on ya.

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Wyrd Henchman
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PostSubject: Re: Rule questions   Sun Aug 28, 2011 2:54 am

I would have to see the full rules, but it would seem to me that they keep the attacks, as long as the bull stays with the unit. The one contention I see is that the rule says "is subject to frenzy" and not "gains frenzy". Again, out of context, so if they only have to charge but don't get frenzy, then I would say no, they never get it.
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Rule questions
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