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December 2018

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 WOD larp

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PostSubject: WOD larp   Fri Nov 23, 2012 5:49 pm

The World of Darkness is rife with intrigue, deceit, betrayal and blood letting. Each race fights for the supremacy of their beliefs, though no one seems to be able to get a significant advantage.
Why hasn't a group been able to pull away from the pack? What forces are at work, maintaining the balance of power?

Take your turn playing a member of the shadowed organization that maintains the fine line between life and destruction of all we know. The True Hand has been acting as a shepherd to the masses of the world for millenia, but their head quarters has been destroyed and those that have been protected, manipulated and used as pieces in a global Chess game have sworn to take back their freedom.
Among the few remaining True Hand are those that would see it fall for good. Are you one of a chosen few that strive to rebuild that which has been ruined, or are you one of several usurping groups out to wrest control from the True Hand, subvert their purpose and dominate the world?

Game Play Aspects:
* Global Influence system
* Cat and Mouse Intrigue with Secret Societies nested within the most Secret Society of them all...The True Hand!
* True Hand Clans and Bloodlines as PC's
* Alternate WoD Races available (with ST approval - extremely limited numbers available)
* World spanning plots!
*Best of all...Backstab your friends! (Or cooperate with them, though we think the backstabbing is far more entertaining)

Claude this is one of the game teasers and here is the other

What if...

What if a group of beings were literally shunted into a live, functioning MMO? What if these beings had the actual ability to influence the form, content and psyche's of the natives of this place?

What if these 'Outsiders' were denizens of the WoD; with all their racial predilections for blood, reproduction, spiritual harmony, Ascension, grief.

Who would rule this new 'World'? What self imposed limits would there be for success over your rivals and enemies...or your allies for that matter?

This LARP takes place in a slightly different setting than the 'Traditional' WoD. You, as a player, are being given control over a virtual world. Your actions will shape every aspect of what you experience. The environment and its inhabitants.

There is a 'catch' though...questions must be answered! Who and what were you, before you arrived? What were your goals and who are your friends? More importantly, who are your enemies?

Game Play Aspects:

* Tiered Character Progression in addition to regular xp spends.
* All WoD races available in limited quantities
* Player interaction and decisions will shape a developing 'MMO' type world
* Global and localized Influence system
* Every single player will have an opportunity for a personalized plot as part of their back story, which will influence the development of that PC as well as continue to affect the main Plot of the entire World!
* PvP and PvPlot are main themes
* New aspects of WoD history and theme for Player discovery

In such times of war and bloodshed, it is the armies of the Empire that form the bastion against the unrelenting dangers and the coming of the End Times.
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WOD larp
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