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February 2019

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Dark Brotherhood
Dark Brotherhood

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PostSubject: EXTENDED HOURS   Wed Feb 23, 2011 8:05 pm

Hi everyone.

Hobbytown's gaming room allows for extended hours long after the store closes. These extended hours are Saturday only. Extended hours feature open gaming, late night painting, and special events.

Unfortunately, the extended hours are dependent on my (Michael's) hectic schedule, but I attempt to make this happen weekly. Saturday late nights will only be canceled due to an official college function or a gig. I will try to make it clear on the website when open gaming after 7pm is NOT going to happen.

What kind of special events would you guys like to see after hours?
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Wyrd Henchman
AdminWyrd Henchman

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Location : Malifaux, Fort Collins

PostSubject: Re: EXTENDED HOURS   Tue Mar 01, 2011 11:45 pm

How about some Arena of Death events? Roughly 3 weeks each. First week everyone gets a guy from a box, i.e. tactical marine or bull ogre. They then convert/model it up using bits from the box and stuff they bring or even green stuff to make the model into a character(i.e. Space Marine Captain or Manhunter). Week 2 is painting. Just paint it up, get it ready. Week 3, the fight(s). Whether free for all, or head to heads, everyone squares off to see whose build is better. Its all WYSIWYG, if you didn't get the arm built and painted, he is -1 to attack, no weapons... yeah, etc.
My starting ideas:
Space Marine Tactical Marine-> make into a captain or equivalent(i.e. chaos lord, or whatever blood/dark/wolves/templar use)
Ogre Bull-> Manhunter or Tyrant whatever

The idea behind these is to start with conversions, which I have been asked about helping people with. It will then give us a painting event, where everyone can work on their painting on a 1 of model, something outside their comfort zone, and something everyone will work on together. The third week is playing, cause lets face it, thats why we are there.
I would also like to display all the models between weekends. Sort of a show of what the club is doing. I am currently trying to get some sort of cabinet we can use, but so far haven't had any luck.
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Lord Murphy
Lord Murphy

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PostSubject: Re: EXTENDED HOURS   Wed Mar 02, 2011 1:08 pm

sounds cool, I am interested.
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Press Ganger
Press Ganger

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PostSubject: Re: EXTENDED HOURS   Wed Mar 02, 2011 11:14 pm

That would be fantastic! I would love to try my hand at some converting
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PostSubject: Re: EXTENDED HOURS   

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