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 Ghengis 2014 Questions

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PostSubject: Ghengis 2014 Questions   Ghengis 2014 Questions EmptyFri Jan 03, 2014 12:43 am

Looking for some more info on the 40k RTT at Ghengis this year. The booklet obviously says 1750, 3 rounder. Expecting same or similar missions to that of Previous Cons. Now to the juicy unknown. What will be allowed to be played, book wise? Escalation/Stronghold, Dataslates, Nids? 3rd Codex armies: IE use of =I= with SM+DA army, and if Dataslates are a yes: Formations without their parent dex present(Tau formation)?
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PostSubject: Re: Ghengis 2014 Questions   Ghengis 2014 Questions EmptyMon Jan 06, 2014 11:46 pm

Sorry for the slow reply, I just got back from vacation and today was nuts.

Missions are getting a bit of an overhaul, but should play the same as Tacticon's missions. I am simplifying them into a single objective, with a sliding rule based on success. i.e. major win/loss = 12/0, minor = 9/3, draw = 6. Secondaries will still be worth a point. I am also adding what should be a gimme, especially with 3 hour rounds, if both players complete turn 5, they both get 5 points, straight up.

As far as books/add ons/whatever, Escalation and Stronghold will be treated as expansions and thus not allowed, similar to Cities of Death and Planet Strike. Tyranids were known about coming into the tournament and will be legal. The Dataslates and Inquisition are a sticky matter, since they kind of blind sided us and aren't really expansions and are more like the supplements being released. As such, I don't feel I can ban them at this time, as the larger part of the community does not frequent these forums and we have no real way to spread the word. That being said, armies including a formation and an ally who fall under the "come the apocalypse" ally chart can expect to have issues beyond desperate allies.

As far as books, I expect everyone to have all the relevant books required to play any part of their army. However, it isn't feasible for me to check everyone's bag. If you don't have the book for the army/formation/whatever, and there is a rules dispute not covered in the core rulebook, I will rule against you, regardless of what I personally know. I don't know every army/formation by heart, and that is your responsibility. I can't, in good conscience, make a ruling if I can't show your opponent why.

Apologies for the long windedness, I hope I answered your questions.
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Ghengis 2014 Questions
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