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 Game Room rules

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PostSubject: Game Room rules   Sun Jul 17, 2011 1:31 pm


1.) The game room is free to use and play games such as DnD, Magic the gathering, Warhammer, Warmachine
Etc.. But with that freedom comes the responsibility of picking up after yourself so that everyone that plays games at this store can enjoy the space in a clean and comfortable environment. That means Make sure that all of your trash makes it too the trash cans or waste baskets. If those baskets are full ask a employee to change the sack don't just stuff it all on top of the other trash until it is over flowing.

2.) If you Play a table top miniatures game make sure you put all of the terrain you take down back on top of the shelves. Not everyone that plays here uses it and should not have to put it back themselves. That is your hobby not there's so please pick up the terrain when you are done and put it back where you found it. Some of that terrain is not the stores but players who come here and are letting everyone use it out of the kindness of there hearts so make sure you take care of it. Don't just toss it into a bucket or slam it on the shelves treat it with respect.

3.) Hobby town Is not responsible for lost or left behind books, models or dice etc. But if we find it we will put it aside and hold onto so that we can get it back to the owner. If you find something left in the game room like a book, card or model please give it too a employee so they can hold onto it until the owner returns.

4.) Sometimes there is multiple Games going on at the same time. Please be respectful to one another everyone is here to have fun with there Hobie and to use our game room.

Current days we play games are.

Monday - Open Gaming

Tuesdays - Yu-Gi-Oh

Wednesday's - Warhammer Fantasy

Thursdays - Open Gaming

Firdays - Warhammer 40k - Magic The Gathering.

Saturdays- DnD - Warmachine - Warhammer 40k

Sundays - Pathfinder. Open gaming

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Game Room rules
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