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 Super hero Role-playing made simple!

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PostSubject: Super hero Role-playing made simple!   Tue May 31, 2011 10:48 am

Ok, so its similar to the system in the BNW book. Each character has 4
Attributes (rated from 1 to 5, 2 is average, 5 is amazingly awesome)


Strength - Determines how many hits you can take, and how much you can
lift and carry. To determine how many Wounds you can take, multiply
Strength by 10.

Speed - Determines how hard it is to hit you, fine motor skills, or
ranged weapon accuracy. Used like dexterity is in most games. Target
Number to be it is determined by Speed. Someone with Speed 1 is TN 5
to be hit. Speed 2 or 3 is TN 10, and Speed 4 or 5 is TN 15. If the
target is unaware of their attacker or otherwise caught off guard,
their defense drops to 5.

Smarts - Intelligence. Can be rolled to get a question answered by the
Storyteller. Usually associated with Science skills.
Spirit - Charisma, wisdom, willpower, and that certain I don't know
what. Spirit covers everything not covered by the other 3 attributes.
Usually associated with Persuasion skills, and the Bravery skill.
The average person has a 2 in each Attribute, usually. Player
Characters start with 12 points to distribute amongst Attributes as
they wish, but must be minimum of 1, maximum of 5.

The Skills are taken from the BNW list, but adapted to make less
sense, and make the list shorter.
Some skills are Skill Categories, under which you pick a
specialization you've focused on. For example, you can't just dump 4
points in Guns. You have to specialize. What you could have is Guns
(Pistols) at 1 and Guns (Rifles) at 3.


Animal Training - This skill is much more common, and useful in
agricultural societies, but it still sees some use outside of that.
Used to train animals, or to give them commands on the fly. But you
can't train flies. That would be silly.

Arts - Skill Category, from which you pick a Specialization to put
your points in. Any single word that could be majored in for Arts
Degree in a university can be an Arts skill. Some common Arts
Specializations are Spanish, English, Painting, Sculpture, Guitar,
Psychology, Sociology.

Athletics - Running, jumping, climbing trees.

Bravery - I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. When things get
dangerous, and you want to stick around or worse yet face the danger
head on, its going to take a Bravery check. Facing someone with a bat
or knife, Target Number 10, if they have a gun, 15, if they seem angry
and hostile, with a gun, 20. If you fail a bravery check, you'll
usually freeze, hide, or run. You can still be aggressive and get into
the fight if you like, but if you want to do anything besides freeze,
hide, or run, you'll be taking a penalty to your actions proportional
to what you missed the Target Number by, divided by 5.
For example: Timmy the Tool, Crescent City's newest Defiant Gadgeteer
has just spotted a gang of thugs mugging a pedestrian at gunpoint.
They've got jump on the citizen before they were able to react and
draw their own gun. If Timmy doesn't intervene, someone is going to
get hurt, but that someone could very well be him! He has to make a
Bravery check to get involved. The gang is definitely hostile and
armed, and Timmy *really* hates bullets so the TN is 20. He rolls
Spirit + Bravery and gets a total of 14. Great roll, but his nerves
are still a little rattled. He was 6 short, divide that by 5, round
down, to get a penalty of -1 to all of Timmy's rolls to do anything
but run, freeze, or hide. He draws his amazing Blast-O-Matic Neem Ray
Gun and fires at the thugs, but his worry over the retribution from
the surviving thugs affects his aim, subtracting 1 from all his rolls
during this fight scene, unless he can compose himself and make a
better Bravery check during the next round. However, if Timmy had
rolled a 30 or 35 on his Bravery check, his overwhelming amount of
blaze and courage in the face of danger could have actually
intimidated the thugs. Someone that unshakable seems insane, or just
that damn good, or both.

Guns or Ranged Weapons - Skill Category covering all types of firearms
and other ranged weapons. The Specializations are Pistols, Rifles,
Bow, Crossbow, and Artillery.

Melee - SPECIAL Skill Category. When you put points into Melee, you
not only pick a weapon type Specialization (Barehanded, Blades, or
Blunt), but you also pick one of the 4 Attributes which you will
always roll with the Melee skill. For example, you could have a
finesse fencer who chose Melee (Speed Blade). So their Melee skill
applies when wielding bladed weapons, and they use Speed to attack, as
opposed to a brutish longsword fighter who uses Melee (Strength
Blade). Shaolin monk would have Melee (Spirit Barehanded). A Smarts
based fighting style is . . . a stretch. Come up with something and I
might let you use it. Also, when wielding the weapon of your
Specialization, your Melee skill rank is added to your TN to be hit by
anything except ranged weapon attacks. I'm sorry, your sword is
useless against bullets.

Occult - This is actually a Specialization under Arts, but its
mentioned separately because it is the skill used to identify traits
and qualities of Delta powers.

Perception - Notice details in the environment, or spot hidden things
or people. Gets used a lot by investigators, superheroes, and anyone
who wants to know what the hell is going on.

Pilot - Another skill category. When you put points into Drive, pick a
type or class of vehicle you want to be experienced in as your
Specialization in piloting. Basically, anything you'd need a new
license in order to legally drive or pilot, you'd need skill ranks in
to do well. Typically, simple transportation doesn't require any roll.
Its when the chases begin or stunts are attempted that the dice start

Persuade - Skill Category. Specializations are Diplomacy, Intimidate,
and Bluff. Be nice, be scary, or lie your ass off. Intimidate is
resisted by Bravery. Diplomacy and Bluff can be resisted with the
Scrutinize Skill.

Sciences - Skill Category counterpart to Arts. Common Specializations
include but are not limited to Engineering, Computers, Chemistry,
Physics, Mathematics, Meteorology, Astronomy, Biology, Medicine, or
Geology. Medicine is a big one, as its used to help healing of Wounds.
Trade skills such as Carpentry or Mechanics are also considered a
Specialization of Science.

Scrutinize - Social perception. Cold reading, seeing through Bluffs,
and sizing people up.

Stealth - Hide and remain hidden from Perception.
You begin play with 12 skill points which you can spend freely, to a
top limit of 5 Having a Skill or Attribute at 5 means you're
comparably at the peak of mundane human performance, and practice or
exercise that Skill or Attribute daily to keep it sharp.

When you make a skill check, you'll be adding your rank in the skill
to the Attribute associated with that action. Some example actions and
their associated rolls are:

Climbing : Strength+Athletics
Drafting plans for a mechanical trap: Smarts+Engineering
Shooting a pistol: Speed+Ranged Weapons(Pistols)
Taking a sharp corner at high speed in a car: Speed+Pilot(Car)
Sizing up an opponent before a fight: Smarts+Scrutinize
Evaluating an opponent's style or weaknesses during a knife fight:
Drafting and erecting a house's framework: Smarts+Science(Carpentry)
to draft, Speed+Science(Carpentry) to construct.
Creating falsified identification: Smarts+Persuasion(Bluff)
Acting in character as someone else: Spirit+Persuasion(Bluff)
Investigating a crime scene for evidence: Smarts+Perception

To make a roll, roll 1d10, if you roll a 10, 10s explode! Add what you
rolled to your Attribute and Skill, and you have your result. 5 is an
easy Target Number, and they go up by 5 from there for higher
increments of difficulty.
If you want to make a skill check for a skill you don't have points in
(untrained) you can, but you're at a major disadvantage. Untrained
skill checks are made at a -5. Yikes. However, if you are trained in a
related skill, you can use that skill for the roll.
For example: Timmy the Tool, back in his lab is trying to calculate
how much thrust he's going to need to generate to get his suit of
powered armor off the ground. He's not trained in physics, but he has
a degree in chemistry, so he's at least a little familiar with
physics. He has a Science(Physics) of 0, a Science(Chemistry) of 4,
and a Smarts of 4. He adds an 8 to the roll, then subtracts 5 because
the Storyteller called for a Physics roll, not Chemistry. Then he
rolls a d10, and adds the 3.

Flaws or Quirks can be purchased form the book as is to get extra
skill points. Or you can make up flaws. Most flaws range in rating
from 2 to 5. To resist a mental flaw, such as a nicotine addiction,
take the level of the flaw (probably 2 points) and multiply by 5 to
get the Target Number you must meet or beat on a Spirit roll. Another
example is the Poor flaw. at 3 points, you're really awful at handling
and saving money. The TN to hold onto money when you have it is 15!
Similarly, a Code of Honor or a Problem With Authority can vary in
severity depending on how hard it is to resist. In general, most flaws
of 1 point are really minor to the point of being constantly ignored,
so scalable flaws aren't significant at 1 point.

Some flaws cant be bought
at a 1 or a 2 and some flaws cant be bought over a 3. Examples are
obvious super power, All powers are at least a 1 or a 2 in this and you do not get
to pick this at anything other then a 3 or up. 3 being glowing eyes and small horns
two 5 being Beast from the x-men. Things that have a cap at 3 are curious im sorry
if you have anything higher then a 3 you are unable to do anything because your
condition is just too crippling. GM should aprove all flaws and each player can only
have a max of 10 extra flaw points, and you can spend them 1 for 1 in skills or 3 to 1
in attributes.

Heroes get Delta Points! They are that little extra boost you need to
get the job done in a pinch. You have as many delta points as your
lowest Attribute, so balance is rewarded. They refresh at the rate of
one per day when your character wakes up, and are also refreshed by
awesome acts of amazing heroism. You can spend Delta Points during a
roll. When you do, make the roll normally, and if you're not happy
with the result, declare you're spending a Delta Point before I
declare the result of your awful roll. Roll an extra d10 (10s still
explode!) and add the result to your original roll, then tell me your
total. You can also spend Delta Points for other dramatic effects such
as narrowly avoiding danger or increasing the odds of something
fortuitous happening. They're your way of balancing out the
arbitrariness of dice, or making your appeal to the Storyteller for
something to happen as you think it should.

Getting your delta power should be upto the gm but as it stands everyone
should have one power. The powers can be anything and there power can
be worked out buy you and the gm to balance it. But a simple rule is that
powers ither add to stats or skills for the most part. If it adds to the stats
say your a speedster then your power give you a +5 speed right off. Same
with a hulk type. Or if you are a invisible man you get +10 to stealth. if you
shoot beams of energy from your hands you should do the same damage as a hand
gun or if you charge it up for a few rounds a bazooka. Just play with the ideas
just about anything will work in this system.

By the way I did not come up with most of this. Its all mostly done by friend Max
i just filled in some blankes and stuff. = P

In such times of war and bloodshed, it is the armies of the Empire that form the bastion against the unrelenting dangers and the coming of the End Times.
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PostSubject: Re: Super hero Role-playing made simple!   Wed Jun 01, 2011 2:46 pm

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Super hero Role-playing made simple!
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