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February 2019

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PostSubject: NECRON RUMORS ALL IN ONE PLACE!!!!   Sun May 29, 2011 5:49 pm


Do you guys have any idea how hard my job is going to be? I have to make you guys think rationally and stop whining. I had no idea it was going to be so hard! If I had known how easy it was to make you people go crazy I’d never have signed up at the Keanu Reeves memorial non-linear trans-dimensional time shunt labratories (KRMNLTDTSL or “Fort Whoa” for short). If I wasn’t trying to save the population of an entire Earth I’d just give up.
I, of course, speak of the latest batch of Necron rumours that are flooding the Gore-matrix… er Interweb here… or internet? Webnet? Who cares. Where was I? Oh yeah… REALLY PEOPLE? REALLY?
If you’re going to get all bent out of shape based on rumours I just don’t know what I can do. You go nuts over the Grey Knight rumours, complaining about 2++ saves on every model, based on a hand written note in a partial leak of an early draft. That thing you saw isn’t exactly final. Have you ever written anything in your life? If you think it’s great on the first draft, you are sorely misleading yourself.
So no, the 2+ save is in the assault only, and it’s on one model. That note written in the margin was probably someones notes to themselves to remember what things did. This stolen playtest document (or whatever it was) is pretty wrong on quite a few things.
Now I come to the Necron Rumours. A convenient place to direct you all is to but since that sight doesn’t exist here we can just look at… oh lets say Bell Of Lost Souls. They posted four rumours on their site for our favorite metal skeletons.
Before I go any further, I should point out that I don’t think posting rumours is bad. The problem comes when everyone treats them as anything more than a rumour. “I heard that Justin Beiber can shoot lasers out of his eyes.” This does not mean that we need to arrest Justin Beiber for carrying an unlicensed weapon. We should arrest him for the role he plays in the merging of Oman and Yemen and the resulting microwave bombing of Eritrea.
So of the RUMOURS (I type in caps for emphasis) we have two that are right and two that are wrong. Which ones are right? The no brainers of course! This is how rumour spreaders become “voices of authority”. They make up rumours they wish were true and just keep spreading them. They package this wishlisting with a few rumours that they know will be safe bets. Here, let me tell you all about the new Tau codex, see if you can tell what I mean.
The Tau will be brought in line with the new edition, drones will be re-worked to make sense under kill points.
New rules for Marker Lights, new options and ways to use them. Tau become a great shooting army on par with IG.
New plastic kits, including new suit types.
Commander Farsight will be completely redone as a four foot tall titan comprised of five smaller tau Shas’0 units that you must assemble at the table during turn 1.
See what I did there? The first two are no-brainers. Of course marker lights are going to get redone, of course they are getting new rules in a new codex. It’s just worded to imply more than it is. How about the plastic kit and new suit types? Maybe! That’s a pretty safe bet on new plastic kits, and new suit types are likely as well. The last one?
Well, the last one creates 50 response posts about how Tau are now terribly over-powered. Or totally weak cus in Dawn of War deployment you have to move the units onto the table turn 1 and then turn two you can assemble Farsight-a-tron. Then another 20 posts about how stupid this is, and how GW is ruining the game by putting this crap into it.
So yeah, if you really think GW is going to basically turn Necrons into Plaguemarines then you’re just crazy. You’ll see what I mean in April (with Grey Knights) and in late Fall with Necrons.
So in a month, here is what you will be complaining about on the Gore-Matrix:
Toughness 3 (and Transport Heavy) Players will hate Army Wide Strength 5 Storm Bolters
Marine and Elite Players will hate Crusader / Assassin Spam (now called Crussasin Spam)
Horde Players will hate Purifier Spam (or Pure-Wing)
Guard Players will hate losing Allies rules
I will hate all of humanity.
Just like all the other new codex’s were going to break the game. Remember how totally over powered Tyranids were going to be? OMG A MONSTROUS CREATURE TROOP! Now go and whine not.

Apparently the last one went over well. So I get to do more of them! Any time internet guys stop complaining about Matt Ward long enough to complain about me… I like to do that thing over again.
Did I mention how much I love the Matt Ward hate? Cus most of it is ridiculous… like complaining about his balance in the same sentence as they complain about Space Wolves and Imperial Guard. OOOH, or whining about his terrible fluff when it holds up just fine to all the rest… I mean… there is an entire army of Football Hooligans. This game is INSANE, why so serious?
But I digress. Time to dig into my bag of dice and drop the trusty d6 and pic an Elite. Mmm savory-savory elites. Over on the REAL Earth we love elites. Most armies fill up all 3. Maybe it’s a different metagame, maybe it’s our love of fried cucumber. I don’t know and I don’t pretend to know.
So yeah, who wants to hear about the new jump infantry? Well to bad, I rolled up C’tan. Shall I start with the part that will freak people out? The C’Tan done got overthrown by the Necrons, they are the slaves. It’s actually pretty cool when everyone is done clinching their bums. The shards of those gods serve as weapons of war in service of the Necron Empire. Also, they might not all be dead, so you know, these are just the ones the Necrons dominated.
So, they start off at a bit under 200 points, their stats are more or less the same as before. They have everything a monstrous creature needs (Eternal Warrior, Fearless) and there are nearly a dozen options for them to take. You can use those points to create the C’Tan you’re used to seeing, or you can mix and match as you see fit. Who knows what god your particular Shard came from! The abilities range from 10 to 50 points, so I’ll tackle them in some random and useless order.
First is the ability to decay vehicles and armour like some other Necron units. Considering the power of a monstrous creature against both armour saves and vehicles, this one isn’t so hot, but it is cheap.
I often wish I could look at someone and kill them. Like you, the person reading this right now. Well that’s how this gaze works as well. Slap the large blast down on top of the C’tan and you hit everything but the C’tan with a str 3 hit, no armour allowed. Then, if you kill at least one dudemans you get a wound back.
The classic Illusion power of the deceiver still allows you to redeploy 1d3 units after scouts moves. I like that one a lot. Lets you deploy first, put a big line of 20 warriors up front, shoves the enemy back… then BAM, they back with the phalanx.
Some god’s really like fire, and can make any flame/fire/heat/warm/dutch oven weapons explode like plasma weapons. It’s particularly good against all the close range melta that put wounds on a C’tan.
Two shooting attacks aren’t bad at all, and the C’tan can take a large blast or an assault 8, both at strength 4. It gets the job done and lets them effect the battle field before they can assault. A thirds one is a bit bigger, clocking in at lascannon stats at half the range.
Another neat trick its jabbing with the world, causing everything within assault distance of the C’Tan to test dangerous terrain, or to mishap more often on deep strike. It’s a clever way to put some wounds on a horde.
Kick up some dust and you get assault and defensive grenades, as well as stealth. It may not sound that useful, but defensive grenades really slow down the “loads of attacks” approach to killing a C’tan, and stealth is better than you think, considering that a 4+ invulnerable isn’t better than most cover… but a 3+ cover (when it happens) is nice. Oh, and Monoliths are big enough to block.
Like monsters that mess with temporal anomalies? Then look no further. Rip em up with C’tan, if they fail a single initiative test BAM, no saves of any kind… one model of your choice is just gone (in the assault). Say goodbye to that pesky warboss or nidzilla monster.
Last, but not least, or maybe least. No this one is awesome. How about the whole battlefield is difficult and dangerous terrain? Yeah… yeah I like that one too. Makes the C’tan a pretty big target though.
So all in all, if you took every ability, you’d be dropping 505 points on a single C’tan. Obviously that would be silly, but if you accept a Land Raider level price tag you can get a powerful monster that really shapes your battle plans. Or better yet… 3.

Necron Lord

So now I’ve talked about all the rumors that are out there, kind of (but not very well) establishing what are real rumors and what are just flagrant wish-listing repeated ad-naseum until the internet believes it like Fox News repeating liberal propaganda (they do that over here too right?) until the echo effect takes hold. With that out of the way it’s time to chat about Necrons moving forward. I was going to do a piece on the death ray, it’s various uses (hello anti-horde!). I then thought about talking about the four main type of Necron weapons, Ray, Gauss, Tesla and Particle… but that doesn’t really help unless you know what is carrying it.
Instead I’m going to review a random unit from the codex for the next few articles. One from each slot. Luckily I have a D9 right here to roll to pick one of the entries. I know what you’re thinking… how do you have a D9. Look, it’s complicated, I shunted backwards through time from another dimension… trust me that the die is fair. So lets drop this bad boy.
Oh… before I go on. Caveats apply, your world might end up slightly different that mine… nobody can predict the future perfectly. A butterfly flaps its wings in New Dallas and all the way around the world the Yu-Gi-Oh Zombies all go south instead of north. I don’t know if St. Ward is the same guy here.
Dammit, 7. That’s the Big Lord, the head cheese. The Generic General if you wish. So no special character for you guys this time. He’s a good place to start, however, as he will give a good idea of what strategies you might want to use.
At just under a hundo of points, this HQ is your go-to commander. You’re going to want to take him in most lists, as he unlocks a unit Crypteks and such to split up into your squads. Many of the specials also do this, but he’s nice and cheap for what he does.
The tricky part is deciding whether to use him joined to a squad as an IC, or to give him the personal 1 man transport. At 3 wounds, he can fuel repairs to the vessel out of himself for quite a while, and with it’s sheer speed he can make drive by melee attacks all day. Watch out, though. Sure it’s got shielding, but by the time you start spending wounds to repair, you’ve lost it and are back down to Rhino armor instead of Predator love. It nearly doubles his cost as well, and makes him a big target.
When it comes to his gear, however, you have quite a few options. He comes standard with a Staff of Light, but can swap that out (just like everyone else with a staff of light) for a Warscythe for free. That Warscythe is very tempting, especially if you are going with the drive by attack route. Strength 7 power weapon hits, this is really nice on a vehicles rear armor. It’s equally useful if you tool the Big Cheese Overlord out for melee punches. I don’t see many people choose the gauntlet option, a flamer is nice but it just isn’t as good as the Staff of Light. The two sword options also suffer, as a warscythe is cheaper and better, but they have their uses. I have a taste for running units lean and mean and so I don’t care for those two.
As for the other options, you have your standard Phylactery, Orb and Phase Shifter. I always go with the Shifter, as having a hands free Storm Shield is extremely useful. The Orb and Phylactery aren’t much use to my style. I’d rather put the orb on a cheaper options, as making an IC a force multiplier makes him a big target. The Phylactery is nice and all, but it relies to heavily on him standing back up, so it doesn’t really help most games.
Upgrading his armour to a 2+ isn’t bad, and it’s a pretty cheap option. But with a shifter there really isn’t much point. Small arms fire has a tough enough time getting past his Toughness 5 and 3++ shifter save. The brainshackles are a neat assault trick, but it’s just not a reliable enough way to make a model attack his own unit. Lastly, there one shot “Necron Hunter Killer Missile” is a lot of fun, but costs to much. I love one shot weapons (missiles, orbitals and deathstrikes) for the Apoc entertainment, but this is really an Apoc item, as it just costs to many points to be useful… even if it is the king of the one shots.
This unit, in the end, really showcases the Science Monster feel of the Necrons. It’s going to be a very popular kit, especially if it comes out in Plastic or Resin here like it did for us. The most typical load out comes in fairly cheaply with a Warscythe and Phase Shifter… so be ready to see that as the building block HQ of every Necron Army.

A summary (added extra info to kelvan's summary).
This summary does contain rumors from various sources (ghost21, i'm looking at you ) but also interpretations from the FoD book (see text).
Have fun!


Take this with Salt, and don’t believe me if you don’t want to but here goes:

So first things first. There is a lot that can and will change, but this is what I know for now:

New kits done in plastic:
Destroyers/Heavy Destroyers. This will be released as one kit with lots of options. They look like the old hybrid kits, but in plastic with fancier torso’s. The skimmer body things don’t look much changed, actually. But I don’t think that’s a bad thing. With the hefty price drop from their current points cost, expect to be buying a lot of these to deal with your enemy termies and the like, since with the exception of one of the Special Character Lords they are your best option for dealing with 2+ saves, though there is an option for a lawn mower (lown mower as in a gun that has alot of shots, to mow throw hordes) type weapon too if you want to deal with hordes, though considering the other weapon options you have with these guys and the number of other units in the new codex with slaughter hordes better, its sort of a waste. You get 1 per box.

Immortals – These look coolish…kinda. I think I liked the simpler look of the old ones, but if you are a fan of all the “bling” that GW has started throwing on with remakes like the BA and GK, then you will like the new Immortals. I don’t really find that they fit with the Necron look, but time will tell, and maybe they will look better painted. They are also bigger. One of the Special Character ‘Cron lords makes them troops. Will come in boxes of 5, can be in units of up to 10.

Tomb spider is getting a nice remake, haven’t seen the model yet but I hear it looks cool. Like the Destroyers, the rumor is that this will have several options and be able to fulfill a Varity of roles in the army. 1 per box.

New MC/Vehicle type thing that can throw down some long range hurt but is still underwhelming compared to things like the Manticore, and will likely be unpopular. 48” range I believe. It looks really stupid and out of place in the Necron force. 1 per box

New giant MC guy with either ranged or melee options. Has a very Wraith Lord feel all around. One of the guns looks similar (maybe the same?) to the new gun the destroyer guys are getting which works well against hordes. He has a lot of weapon options and looks….ok. I am not a big fan of giants though so maybe it’s me. Defiantly a MC like a wraith lord and not a vehicle like a dreadnaught/sentinel however. I think people will either build lists around 3 of these guys (you can’t take them in squadrons, so they really eat up your HS slots, which honestly surprised me since GW seems to be letting people take walkers in groups of 3 so they can sell more) or won’t take them at all. Still in the age where half the guardsman and space marines in the galaxy seem to run around packing plasma or melta guns, I don’t expect these guys will be that competitive even with their high toughness just because to kit them out with the best weapon options makes them a bit more expensive then they are worth, and giant models tend to attract a lot of fire power. I think I saw something about a way to make them available in elite slots as well as HS slots. Maybe through a special character? 1 per box.

New fast attack unit that finally gives Necron’s some non MC melee options. Look kinda like flayed ones. They have an 18” charge with their special ability. Think jump infantry with special rules. 5 per box

Warriors will come 10 to a box; have some new options and also other colors of rod (orange and red I think? Orange is not bright orange, but sort of dark, kinda like a beer color almost) Otherwise look the same.

Didn’t see a plastic lord, but didn’t hear that there wasn’t one. Still, I can’t really say either way, though it would be nice if they put one out I don’t really have any evidence that this is the case.

I didn’t see or hear anything about an LED kit for the Monolith. I am not saying that something like that isn’t going to happen, but I haven’t heard even the slightest hint of something like that happening, or seen any evidence to suggest it other then what people post on forums like this.

New Blisters:
There is a new metal lord on foot, has a staff. Looks really cool, but I don’t like painting metal, so I don’t know if I will be picking him up.

WBB is basically FNP for most guys. Not saying its FNP exactly, but well…it pretty much comes out to being FNP. The way Res orbs work has, obviously, been reworked as well.

Phase out is…well phased out. Not saying the rule is completely gone, but you won’t have to buy a ton of unit X to keep your enemy from just destroying your “Necrons” units and causing your army to get removed.

C’tan are gone, and are replaced with powerful named Necron lords and special characters.

One of the Lords makes Immortals troops, though I am not sure if they are scoring.

Another Special Character has some really nice anti psyker abilities. I don’t think he is a lord, some other sort of Necron maybe? I don’t play Necrons myself, but I didn’t get the impression that he was a boss ‘Cron.

Unlike what people have been saying, not all gauss weapons are rending.

Living metal is changing, but if anything its getting better. Kinda.

A lot of the weird complicated rules from the codex are getting simplified and a lot of the war gear options are vanishing, though many of them will be back in slightly altered form as special abilities or items owned by some of the new special characters.

Necrons will have their magic power guy, but no he isn’t a psyker. I mean he is LIKE a psyker, but is not actually, you know, a psyker. Even if he plays and feels…well you know, just like a psyker.

While the Ctan are themselves out of the codex ( a good thing, since they were way underpowered for gods) look to see their influence still in place.

Over all Necrons are a lot cheaper across the board point wise, though that’s to be expected (GW wants you to buy more little plastic men, and the best way to do this is make it so it takes more of them to fill up an army). Monoliths remain expensive though, and one of the lords was something crazy, like 240 points or somewhere around there. He looks like he has potential to be beastly in CC though.

I didn’t see any rules for a transport for the warriors, though I was really hoping they would get something to bring them into the age of 5th edition mech. I wish I could tell you they had a necrhino or nechimera but I just didn’t see anything like that, and I didn’t hear about anything like that either. They have been giving some interesting new fast attack and CC options, but it looks like, at least to me, that they still won’t be at the power level of BA/SW/GK. Still, they will get a much needed boost from their current state, and should be a lot less confusing to play.

I don’t have a release date, but I am expecting an October release. That’s a guess though.

Again I fully expect at least some of this to change, so take this with all the salt you want, but I thought maybe some folks might want some more rumors, and since no one else seemed to want to put this stuff out, I figured I would. Likewise I am only human and it’s possible I remembered something wrong. Anyway, Enjoy.


August / September 2011, possible GW June announcement

• Necrons become cheaper point wise.
• WBB tweaked (it wasnt like before but it stil kept the flavour of them)


Necron maladies:
• Flayer disease (can grant fleet of foot, furious charge) interpretation FoD
• Destroyer curse (can grant fearless, feel no pain) interpretation FoD

Wargear: all interpretations FoD, save the res orb
• Crypteks Rod
• Lords Staff
• Lords Warscythe
• Veil of Darkness
• Chronometron
• Phase Shifter
• Night Shroud
• Resurrection Orb (with better version on specific lord)


Weaponary / army abilities
• Warscythes (ignore Inv saves)
• Living metal is changing, but if anything its getting better. Kinda
• Unlike what people have been saying, not all gauss weapons are rending.
• Necron are not fearless or stubborn. interpretation FoD
• Possible SaP for some units or granted by Res Orb



Named Lords:
• Lord - The Enfleshed - Sahtah - Flayed Ones (troops?)
• Lord - The Undying - Izarvaah – Immortals (troops?), Warriors, Wraiths interpretation FoD
• The Silent King ? interpretation FoD
• Lord - Voidbringer - Tahek - Warriors, Wraiths interpretation FoD
• Lord - Stormcaller - ? – Wraiths interpretation FoD
• Cryptec - Architect - Ankh the Herald of Dismay - Scarabs, Tomb Spyder, Tomb Stalker, Tomb Wraiths interpretation FoD

(one of them is 240 pts worth, cc specialist vs 2+)

Random Lords
• Anti psyker guy. Pariah ?
• Psyker counterpart guy. Cryptek ?

No C'tans

• Flayed Ones (‘insane abilities’)
• Immortals - large (35mm) base; they are redesigned as larger, bulkier and more dynamic (plastic kit)
• Pariahs - overhaul into Lord retinue (second wave)



• Warriors - no re-cut, possible additional sprue, yellow, orange, red, green rods, possible mark system. (10 per box)
• Scarab Swarms


Fast Attack

• Destroyers - redone, new weapon options (Gauss cannons or Tesla beams interpretation FoD) (plastic kit, 1 per box)
• Wraiths (are nasty, deepstrike, 3-5 per unit.)
• New CC unit ?
• No Jump infantry


Heavy Support
• Monolith (about same costs)
• Necromancer - Resurrection, Warscythe, Gauss smthn... (plastic kit, 1 per box)
• Tomb Spyders - 3 different builds (plastic kit, 1 per box)
• Gauss-Obliterators - long range artillery units.
• Heavy gauss cannon platform with crew (fast, skimmer) (instead of heavy destroyers).
• Pylon ? interpretation FoD

In such times of war and bloodshed, it is the armies of the Empire that form the bastion against the unrelenting dangers and the coming of the End Times.
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