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 Unloading some fantasy. W: Beastmen/orcs

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PostSubject: Unloading some fantasy. W: Beastmen/orcs   Thu May 12, 2011 12:56 am

alright all Im looking to unload some of my extra figs. Im looking for beastmen, specific orcs or cash trade

8 knights of the realm (assembled, 3 painted, 2 have some paint)
8 knights (unbuilt)
1 peg knight (built)
2 pegknights minus wings
1 old school grail knight on foot
1 army standard (minus the arm, i might find it though)
1 brit duke (minus arms)
10 peasants
10 peasant bowmen
10 unbuilt peasants
a selection of older bowmen models

stegadon (steg built, some paint, howdah on sprue)
1 kroxigor (built)
1 saurus hero on cold one
1 box of skinks (two assembled)

Bloodknights (did some cleaning, unassembled)
20 manic skeletons
ten gw skeles with spears (painted very well)
some grave guard (1 box, one made into a black knight)
some ghouls (1 box)

Also I have a boatload of highelves so if anyone is interested in them let me know.
25 swordmasters
15 white lions
a ton of archers and spearmen
12 silver helms
bolt thrower
all the generic heroes
5 or 6 shadow warriors with champ

I need:
Minotaurs (need 6 or so)
Gors (two hand weapons preferred)
Chaos warhounds
Chaos spawn (any plastics as long as they have the fantasy base)
Ork plastic chariots (unassembled preferred, unpainted a must)
the new orc boar riders or savage orc boar riders

happy to trade, happy for cash to buy what i need.
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Unloading some fantasy. W: Beastmen/orcs
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