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May 2018

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Sir LORD Corey

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PostSubject: FOR HONOR!!! FOR GLORY!!! FOR THE LADY!!!!!!   Sat May 07, 2011 10:26 pm

Pounding of hooves echo the sound of thunder. The roar of war cries crash through the air. For the two armies collide, blood sprays like mist then heavy spurts. Screams of pity cries come from the enemy as lances burst out the entry wound spraying more blood apon the colorful royal cloth. Hooves cave in skulls and body parts as the brave knights trample on. A enemy warrior carrying a magic weapon and wargear fourged for a warrior of great worth. Standing locked eye to eye with the Bretonnian Lord. The enemy lord shouted a foreign bark of a challenge then ready his weapon.
The Bretonnian Lord dismounted and drew his Great magic weapon and charged. A booming crash of magic metal rang throughout the land as the warriors exchanged great skill apon each other. Their skill so fast it looked as a blur untill the Bretonnian Lord struck the Hawking Blade into the enemy lords shoulder severing through cutting off his left arm. Hot blood sprayed in every direction showering the ground blood red. Dropping his magical shield the Bretonnian Lord saw his golden opportunity. As the enemy lord scurried to parry the killing blow that arced toward his face. Not till the very last moment the enemy lords weapon rose up with all his force and desperation to save his pitifull life. When the weapons collided with all the force the enemy lord put into the parry it only nudged the hawking blade off course. Instead of severing the neck the blade struck the scalp, scrapping brain and slicing through skull like a hot knife through butter. The force knocked the enemy lord to his knees feeling the shame of failure and dishonour he looked up. Staring at the Great Bretonnian Lord his eyes burned looking at the bright light of the lady infused in the Great Lord. Only to say in a foreign accent "Who are you?" and the Great Bretonnian lord said. "I? Ha, I am the enemies worst nightmare, the saint of saints the hero of hero's INFUSED WITH THE LIGHT OF THE LADY! SLAYER OF MONSTEROUS BEASTS, DESTROYER OF DARK lORDS, BANISHER OF EVIL, l. i am
SIR LORD COREY!!!!!!!!!!
And with one final swing the enemy lords head rolled on the ground, rolling over exposing his last expression affraid
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PostSubject: Re: FOR HONOR!!! FOR GLORY!!! FOR THE LADY!!!!!!   Sun May 08, 2011 6:54 am

Nice story Corey.

In such times of war and bloodshed, it is the armies of the Empire that form the bastion against the unrelenting dangers and the coming of the End Times.
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