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 Building a Tyranid army

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PostSubject: Building a Tyranid army   Wed Apr 27, 2011 1:22 pm

when building a tyranid army it is important to get an idea of what you want the army to do or be good at before you start for example the deep striker list i made but i will go though the book and tell you what is and is not good in my opion.

lets start with the HQs before taking a HQ keep in mind there are alot of upgrades and it is easy to make a super point heavy HQ that most likly is not werth it.

Hive Tyrants
when making hive tyrants the points add up quick only take the buffs that u need and take at least 2 tyrant guard if you want him to live past the first few turns
recomended biomorphs (hive comander or old adversary, wings or Armoured shell, regeneration, stranglethorn cannon

Swarm Lord
is a very good HQ but point heavy the only way i will run him is with at least 2 guard i would take 3 if i had the points to do so warning poeple will try to shoot him to death
recomended biomorphs (none)

Tyrant Guard
as long as u run somthing in front of these guys u are giving your tyrants a cover save it done right be carful on upgrads u take them to die in place of the tyrant
recomended biomorphs (lash wips)

i would not take one as a HQ take a unit of gaunts and you can make it a troop chioce he is hard to kill with 6 wounds be carful can get point heavy
recomend biomorphs (regeneration, adrenal glands, toxen sacs, catalyst cluster spines)

Tranid Prime
toughness 5 so higher strangth wepons that would instant death other guys in there squad he could take and walk away
recomended biomorphs (regeneration, lash and bone swords)

Parisite of mortex
a fun modle but costs alot of points make sure he stays away from power fists
recomened biomorphs (none)


Hive Guard
not much points and t 6 so haed to kill
recomended Biomorphs (none)

i dont like them they can show up where they want but are easyer to kill then i would like and there are better Eletes at lower points
recomended Biomorphs (none)

cheap and gives cover to people withen 6 inches but i dont run them becuase i dont want to clump my dudes around one spot even if you get cover
recomeneded Biomorphs (none)

Death Leaper
he is cheap and fun to use but i would not use him because there are better elitesto choose from
recomeneded biomorphs (none)

have the best shooting in the army but beware of pyker hood and such highly recomended
recomended biomorphs (none)

Doom of Malant'tai
cheap and easy to make back his point i take him in almost every list i make!!!! be sure to put him in a spore pod or he is no good
recomended biomorphs (none)

realy good but i would only run them in spore pods they die quick and can take part of your army with them if not carful
recomened biomorphs (none)

ymgarl genestealers
not werth it point heavy and if they cluster in the terain then they dont show up not recomended
recomened biomorphs (none)


Tyranid Warriors
these guys are good but get point heavy quick i only use them when i have the prime HQ which make them so much better
recomened biomorphs (rending claws, adrenal glands,lash and bone, or bone swards)

14 points plus up grades no thanks the only way i would take them is for the brood lord
recomaned biomorphs (brood lord)

not that good but you can take the tervigon as a troop and the tervigon makes them better for free
recomened biomorphs (none)

fast and if you run a gaunt squad in front of him they can get cover and u can get more on them to the lines
recomened bio morphs (toxen sacs or adrenal glands or both)

Ripper swams
they are ok but i would not run them unless u are runing alot of them

Spore pods
with this u can get your guys to the line faster but its so easy to kill also is a mc so it can shoot 2 guns
recomend biomorphs (cluster spins)

Fast Attack

i do not recomend any fast attack

Tyranid Skrikes
to easy to kill but they are fast
recomeneded biomorphs (rending claws and talens)

for 5 points more u can get shrikes which are better so not recomeneded
recomeneded biomorphs (spine fists)

Sky Slashers
fun but would not field unless useing alot of them

are ok but take a hormagaut brood and be almost as fast or a bigger gaunt brood
recomeneded biomorphs (none)

fun but to easy to kill for its points
recomeneded biomorphs (regeneration, cluster spines)

Spore Mine Clusters
fun if u get the spare points
recomeneded biomorphs (none)

Heavy Support

Carnifex brood
not recomened not very good for the points they cost
recomeneded biomorphs (regenerate)

Old one eye
a fun modle to use but point heavy and will rarely last one turn of shooting
recomeneded biomorphs (none)

dont cost many points and have a good range good infantry killer
recomened biomorphs (none)

hard to kill and deep strikes recomened good in close combat
recomeneded biomorphs (prime, adrenal glands, regenerate)

good for the templite it gets when it comes in and is a mc so it can kill vehicals very easily
recomeneded biomorphs (regenerate)

good but point heavy give it a rapture cannon for long range antie tank
recomeneded biomorphs (regenerate,Rapture cannnon, regenerate, cluster spins)

that is what i think of every modle in the book but when you make the list keep in mind that the elites and the heavy support are where the power is at. fast attacks are not that good you can get units that do the same thing and are just as goodonly slightly slow. HQ realy only support the rest of the army unless you use the swarm lord so dont use to many points on them most of the time i only take one HQ. troops are very good u can run screens infront of your other stuff to give them a cover save they will die but they are cheap so take lots of them or a few big sqauds. this is all you need to know to write a good tyranid list, have fun and exsperiment with it post any questions u might have.
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PostSubject: Re: Building a Tyranid army   Fri Apr 29, 2011 9:09 pm

Looks like you hate over half the book I wonder if its just that the book sucks or the other units are alright they just dont fit into your play style. Ether way thanks for the wright up im sure it will help some people out!

In such times of war and bloodshed, it is the armies of the Empire that form the bastion against the unrelenting dangers and the coming of the End Times.
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PostSubject: Re: Building a Tyranid army   Fri Apr 29, 2011 10:52 pm

it not that i dont like some units its that there are guys i can take that do a better job and are cheeper, and there are so many biomorphs for some guys its hard to choose what to give him and not make him point heavy
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PostSubject: Re: Building a Tyranid army   

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Building a Tyranid army
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