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 What is Hordes

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PostSubject: What is Hordes   Thu Feb 24, 2011 5:24 pm

Hordes is a table top game where the player takes control of a Warlock and his or her elite unit of warriors and beasts of war.

Each Warlock has certain strengths and works best with particular Beasts and/or infantry.

Warlocks can utilize a resource called fury to cast spells increase the damage of attacks, their accuracy, and even the strength and accuracy of their beasts. This primal energy is siphoned from the warbeasts by their controlling warlock.

Unlike many other table top games as soon as the Warlock is felled on the battle field the game is over, however, this is more often than not easier said than done.

Unlike Warhammer FB/40K Hordes armies are typically much smaller and only use 12-35 models in a tournament list.

Each army has a prticular strength and each of their Warlocks will capitalize on a particular part of that strength.

Circle of Orboros are druids who are devout followers of the Devourer Wyrm, they command a whole host terrifying beast like giant werewolves, huge stone constructs, other creatures of the forests. Circle of Orboros is an army based around speed and the ability to ignore all terrain.

The Legion of Everblight is a horde of monsters and men that have been corrupted by the undead dragon Everblights blood, once transformed their whole purpose is to consume all living things. The legion is a ranged army with some very powerful melee support units.

Skorne is an empire that is reminiscent to of that of ancient Persia. Skorne in a melee centric army with units that posses layers of thick hide or armor, and warbeasts that can slay almost anything in a single charge, however, the Skorne are fairly slow.

Troll Bloods are an army of Trolls bent on taking back their lands from various races. Trolls are a tough buff centric army that really enjoys getting drunk and falling down.

Minions are a very unique group of races, the Farrow are a Pigman race with enormous boars and skilled marksman, the Blindwater congregation is an army of Crocodile-men and frogmen who specialize in hand to hand combat.
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What is Hordes
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